About Agua Dulce Outfitters

About Agua Dulce

  • Agua Dulce Outfitters is a small operation taking eight to nine desert mule deer hunters and three to four desert sheep hunters per season. Coues deer are also available. Having only two to three hunters in camp allows us to focus on the hunting and not just on the logistics. We offer the finest in desert mule deer and coues deer hunting in Old Mexico. Our hunts take place on large private land leases in desert regions in northern Sonora using primarily the old traditional tracking and hunting methods. Spot and stalk and high racking are also available.

Agua Dulce Outfitters strictly adhere to requirements by U.S. Customs, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We also strictly comply with the laws and procedures of the government and military of Mexico. For this reason we have excellent relationships with these regulating bodies and our border crossings are smooth and without incident. All hunters will be accompanied by Company personnel from the time the enter Mexico until the time they arrive back in the United States. Sharing this information with family members is important in easing their potential concerns about the safety of hunters. Come and enjoy a true trophy deer hunt in Sonora Mexico with Agua Dulce Outfitters.

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