Desert Bighorn Survey

The government biologist just completed his survey of our two square mile fenced ranch and says we have three rams over 180 inches.  You can check the photo gallery for other 180 class sheep we have taken.  We have the best prices.  If you need a big desert, especially a full size mount for your trophy room, please get in touch with us.  We also have open range rams in the 170 class for about $48,000.  These hunts are specifically designed for your needs.  if you need one, let us know.

If you are a bow hunter who wants a big Sonoran desert mule deer, please call me at 805-340-1788.  We are working on a terrific archery hunt but have not finalized the details yet.  Get in the queue.  The monsoons have been very good this summer, should be a bomber  year for big mule deer.

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