February 2014

Just back from Sonora where five hunters took three excellent bucks. One was a 30 inch 4×3 and another scored over 200 SCI. The third bruiser you can see in the gallery. Two hunters didn’t take bucks. Ray Liden, a well know international hunter who has hunted with us several times, was looking to improve on the great bucks he already has. The second hunter spends his days in a wheel chair but is one of the toughest and most positive people who has ever hunted with us. We got on some good bucks but just couldn’t finish the deal for him. His partner killed a very nice buck. Our company is booking already for 2015 and Santiago and I are heading for SCI where we expect to fill more open slots. Come see us if you are at SCI. Our price for a six day trophy desert mule deer hunt for the 2015 season will be $8400. If you are looking for a more reasonably priced desert sheep hunt, check with us before booking elsewhere. One of our sheep hunters broke his foot recently so we are not certain yet whether they will be hunting this year or next. We will keep you posted with pictures. Call us or email. There is lots of good news about hunting in Sonora…

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