New Website

Our new website is up and running and we are still learning how to operate in it. The new site should allow us to have more versatility and features. We are excited about it.

After two weeks off the monsoons are back with a bang. Lots of quality rain just in time for our important horn growth period.

Rifle hunts for next January are sold out but we have two bow hunts left for the week before Christmas. Also we have four rifle slots open for January 2018. Dan Pickar from Eastmans Bow Hunting took a very nice deer this past season.

Rob Horn was in for the first week of March and located an excellent desert sheep that you can see in website gallery section. He brought his wife Mary Suszette for good luck and now the whole crew is coming back this January for deer and a desert bighorn for Mary Suszette.

We spoke with lots of hunters at this year’s shows about hunting desert bighorn and will be following up in the next two weeks to secure spots. As you can see in the Gallery Agua Dulce Outfitters has outstanding rams at very reasonable prices. Call us and we will figure out how to get your ram added to the Gallery with the other great rams.

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